Hopi Youth Summer Permaculture Program

The Hopi Youth Summer Permaculture Program is a 8-week training program that supports the development of leadership skills to strengthen local food systems and to implement sustainable ecological projects within the Hopi community.

We're now accepting applicants for our 2019 Summer Youth Permaculture Program! We are looking for interested youth to participate in our program starting June 11th to August 3rd 2019 on the Hopi Reservation.

We are accepting youth who:

• Are 12-18 yrs. old;

• Have experience & interest in gardening, farming, building & orchard care;

• Have great work ethic & are willing to work outdoors;

• Have their own transportation to & from work/learning sites.

• Can commit to a minimum of 30 hour work week.

• Can commit to the entire 8 week apprenticeship.


Youth will:

• Gain a basic understanding of Permaculture Design Principles. 

• Learn about traditional natural building techniques using local materials.

• Reconnect to the importance of water while learning ways to manage and store rainwater for residential and agriculture use.

• Learn about healthy soil, how to improve soil, mulching and composting, worms/vermiculture, and traditional Hopi dry farming methods of caring for soil.

• Learn how to start a home garden, learn basic design and ideas for home gardens.

• Gain a basic understanding about plant propagation, transplanting seedlings; and plant/tree nurseries.

• Learn how to identify Native plants and their uses; learn how to make medicinal salves/lip balms; learn the basics of sustainable harvesting of Native plants for food, medicine, crafts.

• Learn about orchard keeping by working in Hopi community/school orchards; learn basic care for fruit trees including planting, pruning, irrigating, and bee-keeping.



​Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute is a 501(c)3 U.S. non-profit fueled by passionate people. We are a community-based organization, initiating hands-on learning projects that support Hopi youth and community to develop skills and practical experience needed to promote a more ecological and healthy Hopi community. Donate to our operating expenses (eligible for a tax deduction in the U.S.).


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