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Hopi Tutskwa CSA Garden Plant Share: May 2021

Community Supported Agriculture

Our Hopi Tutskwa CSA Garden Plant Share is a vegetable garden starts program that offers locally grown Native Heirloom seedling variety starts for local growers and farmers. The Community Supported Agriculture Model is designed to distribute quality organic local foods and seedlings in an efficient and affordable way, while supporting the well-being of local farmers.


Seeds: All seeds are open-pollinated most of which are Traditional Native Heirloom seeds that we have raised ourselves and others are heirloom varieties sourced from neighboring farms and all are Organic Non-GMO. 


What you will get:
We will provide over 25 varieties of garden starts (48 total plants per share) delivered on May 28. Our share program will include warm season crops (summer squash, watermelon, musk melons, tomatoes, peppers, basil, herbs, and flowers) will be in 6-packs, 4 inch or half-gallon pots. Here are some of the varieties you can expect in our Garden Plant Share Program:

  • Chile Peppers (Anaheim: Tesuque, Espanola, Anaheim, Early Jalapeno )  
  • Basil (Sweet Lemon, Genovese, Italian Large Leaf)
  • Tomatos (Roma, Slicing, Beef Steak, and Cherry Varieties)
  • Cucumbers (Armenian, Lemon, Pickling, and Slicing)
  • Summer Squash (Black Beauty, Yellow Crookneck, Grey Zucchini, Dark Sky Zucchini, and Hopi Pumpkin)
  • Watermelons & Musk Melons (Hopi Red/Yellow,  Navajo Red Seeded, and Sandia Pueblo Red) 
  • Assorted Herbs (Cilantro, Thyme, Oregano)
  • Flowers (Marigolds and Zinnias)

Your share will consist of 48 plants broken down into the following:

  • 6 pk Tomato (various varieties), (2)-6pk Chili; (6)- Summer squash; (6) Watermelon; 6pk Cucumber; 6pk Basil; and 6pk Flowers.


Solidarity Share Option: Join us in nurturing an equitable economy by opting into purchasing a Solidarity Share that will be gifted to an Indigenous Farmer.


Pick up: Pick up will be arranged on the Hopi Reservation on May 28, 2021. Due to COVID-19 we will work with you to arrange for safe pick up of your shares and will disclose location after purchase.

Hopi Tutskwa CSA Garden Plant Share: May 2021

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