Masayesva 2017 Spring Build

Hello fans of HTP! My name is Amanda Onsae from the village of Hotevilla. My clan is Tepwungwa (Greasewood). We are currently in the 2nd month of the build. So far the first month has been great and challenging especially the weather! The most challenging part for me was setting forms for the foundation and trying to make sure they are all the same level and the right width apart. Also making sure everything was tightly secured that when the concrete was poured, we wouldn't have any problems trying to fix it. But now that the foundation has been poured, things are moving a bit faster and we have put up the wall trusses and box beams. So far my favorite part of the build has been shaping stone and putting the wall trusses up. I like shaping stone because it gives me a challenge thinking of ways to shape each stone. With patience and time, it's awesome to see a rugged stone shaped into a nice square stone. Putting up wall trusses was also fun because I like to do framing work. After all the wall trusses were put up, you could see the walls, the outline of the house and what it's going to look like and it's pretty cool to see! I am a 3rd year intern and i wanted to be apart of the program again because I like construction work and with this program it's all hands on. I like working with HTP building sustainable houses and knowing I was a part of something awesome and unique. The program has taught me a lot of construction techniques and how to use the materials we have here on Hopi to incorporate with the building of each home. I'm still learning every day and I'm very thankful to have been given another opportunity to be a part of the build team. I hope someday I can use what I've learned and build a house for myself. Haha! For now I'm going to continue learning all I can and working with the team to have another successful build. Uskwali (thank you) for supporting HTP's natural building program!







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May 22, 2017