Recapturing the Beginning Stages

 Once all the trenching is done we begin adding rubble to our trench layers at a time also compacting each layer added. This is our perforated pipe which runs from the southwest corner of our ruble trench to the northwest corner than to the northeast exiting out this corner. This pipe acts as a safety net for the house, if a flood would occur and water went under the house the pipe would collect this water and lead it away from the house. 

Here we finished trenching and compacting for the exterior of our foundation. the trench is 24 inches wide with 40 inches below our string line and roughly 27 inches below ground level, which is below the frost line.  


 Once all the rubble is added to the trench and compacted to ground level we begin setting our form boards for our concrete footer which is set to be 16 inches wide. Each form board was set 1 inch directly below the string line. Our typical form board is 8 feet long, 12 inches wide and 4 inches thick. 


This is roughly finished corbel shaped from pine. these are placed at the top of our posts to help support and distribute the weight of our beams. There are three full corbels within the house which are 36 inches long that have two wings, and four half corbels with only one wing which run roughly 22 inches. 

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May 22, 2017