Best Summer Job Ever

July 20, 2017

Hello my name is Brayden Namoki I am 12 years old and from the village of Kykotsmovi and I am water clan. I'm a summer participant this year in the Hopi Tutskwa Summer Youth Permaculture Program and I'm having a lot of fun working and learning. The first 2 weeks we were up in Hotevilla Village at the build site making cob which hurt our feet because we had to put straw into the mix of cob. It was fun cobbing the wall. The most fun thing about making the cob is the cob toss, the reason why its fun is because at first we go really slow and after a while its starts to go faster.

When we had to leave the build site we were down at Lillian's house aka Hopi Permaculture Demo site, when we got there we were split up into 3 groups the 1'st group was to be in the garden the 2'nd was to be making saw horses and the last group was to help with the Rainwater Cistern for the house it was a lot of fun being in the garden collecting dill and taking out all the weeds. Catching a chicken is very fun to do and also to collect the eggs. After a few days a lady named Kim Costion came to show us how to braid garlic and how to clean it.



The next week we went to Blue- Canyon with Max Taylor and took a hike into the wash . When we got in the wash we took a break and ate peaches for a little bit the we walked more down into the wash until such then we found a spot to have lunch, after we were done eating lunch a lot of us took of our shoes and walked in the water. Me, Tony, Tyrall, and Noral were sinking in quick sand and found a new spot to jump in quick sand with is a lot of fun.

We went to place called Talahogan spring to do terrace gardening, cleaning the orchard, and we also had to clean the sludge out which was very smelly because there were water dogs in the water. These last two weeks of the program we are going to be with my taha (uncle) Blayne Honanie until the program is done. 



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