A Summer Job That Keeps You Motivated

July 21, 2017

Hello my name is Kennon Grover I am 15 years old my clan is bamboo and I'm from the village of Moenkopi Az, I am a summer youth participant. This is my 2nd year working with the program which is pretty dope it keeps me out of trouble and keeps me from being bored at home all day. 

 For the first 2 weeks we were at Hotevilla helping the older workers build a house for one of the villagers. While we were up there we helped build up the walls for the home which is pretty fast and easy, last year it took awhile for the walls to go up. 




 It was pretty hot and chill pruning Dorothys fruit trees and watering her garden for her. We were at her place for two days while we worked hard in the heat she made us some good lunch in return, some of the workers were cleaning a big water tank, when they were done they smelled like a swamp which smelled really bad. 




One day we went to flagstaff for a field trip , it was chill and nice. When we first got there we visited a place that nurses plants and some were very rare, second we visited walnut canyon which excited me the most because I've never seen old ruins build along the canyon walls . There was up the 300 houses according to the park ranger, most were destroyed due to some mining that people did to get ahold of artifacts they were destroyed by dynamite because it was dark inside the homes. Throughout the walk there were a couple of homes still in tact but we couldn't see inside. 



Well were down to our last couple weeks which is a bummer but i hope to work with the program again next summer ... my goal is to keep working with the program so i can continue doing natural building later on life. 


















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