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We envision a world where Humanity values, cares for, respects, protects, and nurtures our Mother Earth while ensuring abundance for future generations. 



Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture is a community Indigenous-led non-profit based in the Village of Kykotsmovi, located in Northern Arizona on the Indigenous Hopi Reservation. Our mission is to create community-based solutions in order to pass knowledge to future generations and rebuild culturally sustainable and healthy communities. We initiate learning projects that engage, train, and inspire Hopi youth and community to revitalize Hopi culture, knowledge, and traditions. We support Hopi community members in developing leadership skills to strengthen local food systems and to implement sustainable ecological projects within the Hopi community. We aim to provide our community with the tools, training and practical experience needed to rebuild a vibrant community based on traditional Hopi values and worldview.






Lilian, along with her husband Jacobo Marcus founded HTPI in 2004 as a way to develop community leadership and provide opportunities for the Hopi community to develop sustainable solutions to the problems that exist on the reservation. Lilian is a member of the Hopi/Quechan Nations and comes from the Tobacco Clan from the Village of Kykotsmovi. In 2001, Lilian founded the Black Mesa Water Coalition, an organization working to address energy and water exploitation on the Navajo and Hopi Reservations. Lilian has traveled to Italy, Africa, India, Tajikistan, New Zealand, Belize, and Mexico learning, sharing her work, and promoting Indigenous self-determination. She has studied at the North American School of Natural Building and earned a B.S. Degree from Northern Arizona University (NAU) in Applied Indigenous Studies and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Sustainable Communities at NAU. In 2015 Lilian was awarded the Agricultural Humanitarian of Year Award by the Justin Willie Foundation, was selected as a Skoll Foundation Fellow attending the 2019 Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship in Oxford, England, and was selected as Fellow with the Castanea Fellowship. In her free time Lilian enjoys spending time with her family, rendering art via printmaking, and writing poetry.

Board of Directors


Maree Mahkewa

Fellowship Program Manager

Maree Mahkewa is a recent graduate of Northern Arizona University  (NAU) receiving her B.A. in Environmental Sustainability Studies and minoring in Psychology and Sustainable and Resilient Communities. Her Hopi name is Paaqupmana which means Bamboo/Reed Girl. She is a member of the Hopi Nation and comes from the Corn Clan in the Village of Tewa. Maree is part of the inaugural cohort of the Center for Native American Youth’s Ambassadors for Land Conservation. Maree is focused on developing a community-based Fellowship Program focused on supporting Land Stewardship. Maree is also involved in many community-based projects such as the First Mesa Inaugural Earth Day Clean-Up and the First Mesa Erosion Control Project, initiatives to beautify and steward Hopi Ancestral Lands.

Board of Directors


CiAnna Sakeva

Hopi Food & Farming Coordinator

CiAnna Sakeva is a member of the Hopi Nation and comes from the Snake Clan from the Village of Sichomovi. She has years of work experience working in the Hopi community with non-profits and community based initiatives such as the Hopi Foundation and the Hopi Elections Office. In addition CiAnna continues to create and strengthen programs and initiatives that directly benefit the Hopi and Tewa Community. In her current role she has managed the Hopi Farmers Market and the Hopi Tutskwa CSA, centering local food access and support to Indigenous growers in our region. CiAnna will soon transition from this role into a core leadership staff position this spring!

Board of Directors




Jaren is Hopi/Dine and is a recent graduate of Dartmouth College. He has completed the 2018 Hopi/Navajo Small Farmer Train the Trainer Program hosted by Tolani Lake Enterprises. Jaren is a local farmer who continues to nurture traditional heirloom seeds and fruit trees at his family farm in Moenkopi. Jaren is also a talented weaver who specializes in creating traditional Hopi and Dine belts, rugs, and traditional woven clothing. Jaren is an alumni of the Hopi Permaculture Apprenticeship Program and is an Instructor for HTPI's Grower Training Program.

Board of Directors


Audrey Narindrankura


Audrey is Dine from the community of Hard Rock located on the Navajo Reservation. She has completed the 2018 Hopi/Navajo Small Farmer Train the Trainer Program hosted by Tolani Lake Enterprises. Audrey is a local grower who, along with her partner, maintains a family garden that feeds her family. She also comes from a family of Dine Pastoralists, Water Protectors, and talented weavers. Audrey has worked with HTPI as a Program Assistant and has attended many trainings and conferences on Indigenous Farming and Business Development and is an Instructor for HTPI's Grower Training Program. We are excited to welcome Audrey back to join our team! 

Board of Directors



Co-founder & Community Program Coordinator

Jacobo is a father, farmer, bee-keeper, teacher, natural builder and musician. Jacobo is a Certified Orchard-Keeper and Permaculture Designer. Jacobo has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Music and is certified in Permaculture Design, Organic Orchard Restoration, Biodynamic Bee-keeping, Rainwater Harvesting, and Natural Building. Jacobo is an accomplished Natural Builder and was instrumental in establishing our Hopi Sustainable Homeownership Reciprocal Loan Program and continues to serve as a mentor to our Natural Building Student Alumni. Prior to founding the organization, Jacobo focused on music, studying Flamenco with Gitano (Gypsy) dancers and musicians in Southern Spain. In addition to being an accomplished guitarist and musician, Jacobo is a dedicated sustainability practitioner and enjoys working with the Hopi community, caring for bees, gardens, and fruit trees, spending time with his family, and playing music with his band Sonaya 'Music For The People'.

Board of Directors


Carrie Sakeva

Financial Manager

Carrie Sakeva is a member of the Hopi Nation and comes from the Snake Clan from the Village of Sichomovi. Carrie earned her B.S. degree in Business Administration from Northern Arizona University with years of experience providing her excellent expertise as Business Manager for the Keams Canyon Elementary School. Carrie is an alumni of our Hopi Permaculture Apprenticeship Program, has served as Treasurer on HTPI's Board of Directors and recently joined our team as Financial Manager working with our staff and board to effectively manage our financial resources and assets.

Board of Directors


Corey Begaye

Graphic Designer

Corey Begay is an exceptional Navajo artist who hails from Cedar Springs, Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation. He’s an artist and graphic designer by trade, turning his hand to public murals, fine art, illustrations, logo design and a whole lot more. Corey renders excellent graphic design elements and illustrations that capture and uplift our work.   

Board of Directors


Dana Eldridge

Grants Manager

Dana Eldridge is a queer Diné person from the Diné (Navajo) Nation, and is of the Tsenjikini Kinlintsoinii (Honey Comb Rock People) clan. Dana has earned a B.A. in Ethnic Studies from Brown University, and currently lives off-grid on their ancestral family land practicing dry-land farming techniques and learning about traditional food knowledge and plant medicine. Dana spearheaded the Diné Food Sovereignty Initiative at Diné Policy Institute and co-authored “Diné Food Sovereignty: A Report on the Navajo Nation Food System and the Case to Rebuild a Self-Sufficient Food System for the Diné People”. Dana is also an alumni of the Hopi Tutskwa Hopi Food and Farming Summer Internship and brings their expertise and practice as a cutting edge researcher and writer to build and steward our Grants Management programming.

Board of Directors

Valerie Nuvayestewa-President

Ryan Tafoya-Vice President

Maree Mahkewa-Member

Alyssa Fredericks-Member

Sahmie Wytewa-Member


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We are working to heal, transform, and transcend hearts and minds beyond the confines of colonization to change our collective outlook towards life to awaken, rejuvenate, and reimagine our communities.